Every player at the Club must have this form submitted to the Club by their primary parent, carer or themselves if over 18. The details that are submitted here, allow the Club to have full records of all of it’s members, which complies with FA regulations. Please note that some of the details will be passed on to both the FA and the league in which the player is competing.

This form also contains sections in which you will have to grant or deny certain permissions, inform us of any medical conditions we need to be aware of, and state any medication the player is taking. Please read the questions carefully, and answer as accurately and as detailed as you can.

The Club has policies in place to protect all members, and FA guidelines are followed to ensure that the players experience of our Club is a safe, and enjoyable one. There are sections within this membership form that require you to read and accept these policies. Please ensure that you take the time to make yourself aware of what is expected of as a parent and as a player.

By submitting this form, you are also pledging to initiate and maintain a direct debit to make subscription payments. Details of which will be sent to you by email (if you are new to the club, upon completion of this form. If you already have a direct debit in place then we shall amend your payments details automatically.

Player subscriptions must be paid monthly via direct debit over a 12 month period, inclusive. Any missed payments will need to be made up, within seven days from payment date, and failure to do so may result in kit not being ordered, players being suspended from matches, training or from the club altogether.

Finally, we are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and we strictly adhere to the provisions of all relevant Data Protection Legislation, including GDPR, ensuring all personal data is handled in line with the principles outlined in that regulation. Your personal data is safe with us, and is never shared with anyone other than the organisations mentioned above.


There is only one payment option for the Club this coming season 21/22 – this is highlighted below


2021/22 Season Subs
£25 per month for a 12 month period – you will receive the below kit

Matchday Shirt / Training Shirt / New Jacket / Shorts / Socks


2021/22 Development Subs

£12 per month for a 12 month period – no kit will be received and no competitive games to take place