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u18 Lionesses

Match Reports

Saturday 19 March 2016

Cramlington (League Shield)


The day of the League Shield Semi-final dawned. Unfortunately, only 9 girls were available, which wasn’t going to help the cause. It would have been 8, but for the return of Kim Dodds to the side after a 5 year absence. Cramlington turned up with 13.


Washington kicked off and Kim D soon made an impact on the game by winning a corner. The corner was cleared by Kim D and Cramlington broke. Lauryn was able to tidy up any danger. We didn’t wait too long for the first goal. Cramlington broke through the defence. The first shot ricocheted kindly and Cramlington slotted the ball home at the second attempt. Not the start we had been hoping for!


Gooooooooooooooooalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!! Just as the Barmy Army were fearing the worst. Demi played the ball out to Razz who won a corner. Kim D knocked the ball in and Sam struck it from just inside the box. There may have been a deflection, but the dubious goals committee were quick to award the gaol to Sam; her first for the club. 1-1.


This triggered a good spell of play for the girls. Charlotte hit a long-range shot straight at the keeper. Cramlington broke again and Hannah put the ball out for a corner. The ball was knocked across goal and was dropping over the line until Kim W hooked the ball out. A fantastic clearance. The girls attacked again, with Kim D flicking the ball on for Demi to chase. Once again the attack broke down and Cramlington countered. The centre forward took the ball around Lauryn and slotted it home. 2-1.


The girls created another shooting chance with Demi finding Sam, who set up Hannah D for a long range shot, which forced the keeper into a full length save. Corner. The corner came to nothing, but the girls were awarded a free kick for a foul on Kim D. Charlotte knocked it into the box, where Razz just lost out in a race with the keeper. Moments later, Kim W hit a good ball over the top and this time, Demi was beaten to the ball by the advancing keeper.


Despite only having 9 players the girls were matching Cramlington in every area, and playing the better football. The cause wasn’t helped when Cramlington played the ball over the defence, Two Cramlington players were in offside positions, but were allowed to play on and score. 3-1. The referee clearly picked up on the disgruntlement from the Barmy Army and blew for offside on Cramlington’s very next attack. Too late! The damage was done and the girls went into the half time break two goals down.


Cramlington restarted the game and almost scored when the ball became stuck under Maria’s feet. Thankfully the shot was pulled wide. The referee demonstrated that he had got the jist of the offside rule, by penalising Cramlington 3 times in about 5 minutes. Unfortunately he then showed a lack of awareness of the law in relation to deliberate hand ball! The Cramlington player knocked the ball forward with her arm, before striking it home with a good shot. 4-1.


There wasn’t going to be any cup heroics this morning and it almost got worse when Cramlington had 3 v 1 at the back, but managed to get caught offside. Tiredness was starting to take its toll. Cramlington kept rolling their subs on and off, while the 9 of Washington battled on. The girls didn’t give up. Kim Dodds took on, and beat, 5 Cramlington players before being cynically scythed down by the sixth. Worthy of a yellow card, but not given. Demi delivered the ball into the box. Kim W got a slight touch, before Sam struck the ball straight at the keeper.


Just when the Barmy Army thought that the girls were on the ascendancy… a tame shot came in from the right. Somehow Lauryn managed to dive under the ball, which rolled into the net. 5-1.


Razz showed some good feet, before being fouled. The referee allowed Razz to continue before pulling it back when no advantage occurred.  Kim W and Demi combined well before Kim was fouled again. Demi chased the free kick before being struck in the back by the clearance. Good work and a fine example of “taking one for the team”. Cramlington’s next attack was ended by a fantastic sliding tackle by Hannah D. Even the referee commented!


5-1 was an unfair scoreline, but matters got worse when a long-range shot beat Lauryn’s attempt to knock it away. 6-1. An attempted clearance of  a cross ended in failure when the ball thudded into the defender’s nose. A bloody nose… followed by a substitution.  For a couple of minutes it was 10 v 9. Sadly that didn’t last. Cramlington changed keepers.


The seventh goal came when Hannah and Maria got in each other’s way and another long-range shot beat Lauryn.


Full Time 7-1


Given the two-player disadvantage and Cramlington’s subs, this was a great effort. Overall, I think that Washington played the better football, but just couldn’t keep up the work rate needed to compete for 80 minutes. With a full squad, I’d expect us to take all 6 points from the two league games.


Coach Simon said, “Away to Cramlington today in the semi-final of the league shield. We took only 9 players from a squad of 16 although all missing for genuine reasons but the 9 wanted to play anyway rather than forfeiting the game. Hard to notice they were 2 players worse off in the first half especially and played out of their skin and by far the better football was played by Washington. Ultimately the numbers counted and also owing to a few questionable decisions we were beaten by a scoreline which flattered the hosts and put in a performance which had everyone scratching their heads as to how the team in navy blue were bottom of the league. Great spirit from Washington AFC u18 Lionesses hopefully we can kick on and finish the season well.”


Roving Reporter’s Player of the Match:  Coach Simon said that it was hard to pick out individuals today but I thought Kim D had a great debut, worthy of a player of the match award. However I think namesake Kim W just nicked it with some great defending and forward runs and didn't look out of place at left back. I also thought Sam was worth a mention with her best performance to date. 


Champagne Moment: Have I mentioned my soft spot for a maiden goal before?  Sam’s excellent strike gets the nod this week.

Saturday 27 February 2016

Lumley ladies


For the first time in 2016, the girls played a home fixture at the Northumbria Centre. The squad was bolstered by the U16s and so the Barmy Army had high hopes of getting something from the game. In the previous meetings with Lumley this season we have been undone by their very pacey centre forward and their referee (I’ll say no more than that… but you all know what I mean). At least we wouldn’t have the referee to worry about today.


Washington kicked off. Olivia was still in goal as Lauryn is still on the injured list and working to be fit for next weekend’s League Shield semi-final.  Lumley were soon on the attack, but Maria cleared the danger.  The girls countered and Rebecca’s cross was blocked for a corner. This was cleared but the girls were awarded a free kick just inside the Lumley half (it took us 85 minutes to get a free kick last week!). Lumley cleared the kick and were soon causing panic in the Washington defence. Kim and Hannah D sorted out the problem.


We then had a period of sustained pressure from the girls, with some good interchanges of passes and some penetrating runs. Rebecca’s pull back from the bi-line was blocked. Sam did very well to create a shooting opportunity… but hit it straight at the keeper. Kim’s shot was cleared at the near post. Demi played a great ball to put Rebecca in behind the left back. Rebecca hit the ball across the 6-yard box. No one was there to tap the ball in to the empty net!


It seemed only a matter of time before the goal came. And it did! Lumley broke from the back, the centre forward (you were warned) ran through the defence. Olivia got to the ball first and should have kicked it (and the centre forward) into the middle of next week! The ball bounced back to the centre forward who rolled it into the empty net! 0-1.


Razz was scrapping away, even when she fell to the floor. Olivia used her body to shield the ball and tidy up another Lumley attack. Demi played a great through ball, which was cleared. Rebecca made a positive run up the right to win a throw in. Sam got another shot on target, which was easily saved. Sam then won a free kick when she was fouled following some fancy footwork. The free kick came to nought, but Demi made a good run before hitting the ball wide.


We then had our first emergency substitution when Razz ran off the field and threw up behind the metal shed. I must order my tomato seeds… I don’t know why I just thought of that! Megan E came on to replace her. Megan B also came on to replace Sam (who had made a very positive start to the game).


The Lumley centre forward was off again. This time Kim came across to clear the danger. Maria played a great ball up to Rebecca who turned the defender beautifully. I may have imagined this… but I think she did the “ball one side, player the other” move that Pele did in the 1970 World Cup. I seem to recall that Pele failed to score as well!! Rebecca ran on into the box and should have pulled the trigger just inside the box. Rebecca took the ball further in, narrowed the angle for herself, and hit the keeper!


Gooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!The girls continued to dominate the game and were finally rewarded when Megan E carried the ball into the box and squeezed her shot in between the keeper and the near post. 1-1. A well-deserved equaliser. Demi came off for a rest (she had been asked to patrol the whole of the right wing you know!) and Razz (a few pounds lighter!) returned to the field.


Razz and Rebecca both chased the same ball into the box. I have suggested that Razz is a yard quicker than Rebecca these days, so Rebecca’s triumph in this mini-contest may have been to prove a point! Rebecca won a corner.  Minutes later Razz had a chance to shoot… but failed to take it. So we reached half time at 1-1 and no one could argue against Washington’s superior play.


Sam came back on at the start of the second half to replace Rebecca.  Megan E found Sam on the edge of the box and she lifted the ball over the defence for Razz. Lumley cleared. Razz made a good run, which ended in a good cross. Megan E shot wide. Lumley broke and the number 9 lifted the ball over Olivia, but just wide of the goal.


Charlotte was penalised and the free kick set the Lumley No 7 in on goal. Olivia saved. Kim and Razz combined well but the ball was lost and before we knew it the No 7 was charging towards goal. Maria was in close pursuit, but pulled up as if her calf had gone. It turned out that she had put her foot down a hole. The No 7 continued and slotted the ball into the net. 1-2.


Hannah D came back on to replace Maria. Kim came off and was replaced by Rebecca who was sent to fill the vacant right back position.  Megan B put Razz in on goal, but she shot wide. Kim headed off for the day, which was a shame as she had been creating some good interchanges up the left hand side.


Hannah B showed good control before pulling her shot wide. Demi made a good run and found Razz, who shot straight at the keeper. Razz made a good run and shot. The ball was cleared to Sam in the box, but was cleared. Razz was in the box where she fell over (no one laughed!).  Megan E’s shot was blocked. Charlotte shot wide. All of the chances were coming from Washington, but no one could get a clean strike to put the keeper under any pressure.


Lumley almost broke through the defence, but Rebecca provided the cover and cleared the danger. True to form the girls conceded a third when the Lumley No 9 broke through again.  I’d lost count of the number of shooting opportunities that Washington had created. Lumley had created 4 and scored 3! 1-3.


To rub salt in the wound, Lumley put a cross in, which seemed to clip the net behind the crossbar. Lumley claimed that it had gone in. The referee inspected the net, found a hole, and awarded the goal. He obviously hadn’t heard of the old adage; “ if you don’t see it… you can’t give it!” 1-4.


There was just time for Razz to make another good run, before hitting her shot wide.


Full Time 1-4


I have to say that there is an air of despondency over the U18s at the moment. We are as good a footballing side as any in the bottom half of the league. We play some good passing football, but we repeatedly fail to take our chances. We must have created a dozen reasonable opportunities to score, but only took one. Heads drop too easily and we don’t work hard enough off the ball to get into positions to receive the ball.


Coach Simon said, “Following a great performance at Leam I was hopeful we could get something out of the game especially the massive home advantage we had this time. We started well on a heavy pitch and kept the ball in the Lumley half for long periods without making it through a solid defence or troubling their keeper too much but went in to half time the better team. Second half and we were under more pressure, and as usual Lumley gave us no time on the ball and were wining every second one. The girls all knew what their main threat was but no one seemed to take responsibility in dealing with it. Ultimately we were deservedly beaten by the better side. Got to mention the referee, he had an outstanding game. Beaten fair and square (for a change).”


Roving Reporter’s Player of the Match:  Coach Simon’s pick this week. He said, “I thought Razz had a great game, good energy; even after throwing up!”


Champagne Moment: Regular readers may have noticed my soft spot for a maiden goal. Megan did score for the u16s last season, but I’m going for her first goal for the U18s. A small chink of light in a sea of despondency!


Saturday 20 February 2016

Leam Rangers


We knew this would be a tough fixture against the unbeaten league leaders, particularly as the U18s haven’t played a game since 12 December. The squad was bolstered by an influx of U16s, which gave us a squad of 16. That must be a team record!


Leam kicked off and the girls pressed from the start. Razz was in combative mood… continuing one battle while sat on the floor. Rebecca had been suffering with a hamstring strain and asked to be replaced. Kim came on. Charlotte was applying pressure on a Leam player facing her own goal. “Don’t foul!” screamed Brian from the side line. Free kick!


Brian was anxious that the girls were defending too high a line and this resulted in a ball over the top and a shot on goal. Olivia (Lauryn had failed the pre-match fitness test) made a comfortable save.


The girls won a corner. Razz took it and Megan B flicked the ball into the keeper’s arms. Leam attacked and were awarded a free kick on the edge of the box. No one noticed an infringement, but Leam’s No.9 blasted the ball over the bar. Olivia took a poor goal kick, which resulted in a shot on goal. The ball deflected and Olivia did well to get across and prevent the ball going out for a corner.  Moments later another shot came in. Olivia got her body behind the ball, but it bounced off her. Olivia reacted quickly and leapt, salmon-like, onto the loose ball.


Demi came on to replace Hannah B, and Kim dropped in to the left back position. We then had another example of the Leam No. 9s diving skills. A run across the box was ended with a triple somersault with pike…  A yellow card for simulation should have followed… but a free kick was awarded. Thankfully, the No.9 blazed it over the bar again.


A few minutes later Maria and Sam went off and Darna and Megan E came on. The girls were playing some good football, but the ball was lost and the Leam No. 9 was in on goal. Olivia made another good save.


Gooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!! More good football, which ended with Demi playing a great ball into the box for Megan B to chase and poke past the keeper. 0-1. This gave the girls a boost and Darna worked the ball wide to Razz who put in cross. Too close to the keeper.


Kim made a good run from the back. Darna was first to the ball, but hit her long range shot at the keeper. Kim started another good move and Demi looked to have won a corner, but the referee awarded a goal kick.


The Leam No 9 continued to threaten, but the girls worked hard to prevent many shooting opportunities. When shots came in, they were easily dealt with by Olivia. At the other end, the girls continued to create openings, but no obvious chances. The half time whistle went with the girls holding a deserved lead.


The girls started the second half positively, with Kim skipping past three defenders, before winning a corner. Leam’s main tactic was to hit the ball long for the No.9 to chase. They did this again from the corner, but the shot went wide. Leam’s equaliser came from a moment’s hesitation in defence. The ball was hit into the box. Kate and Olivia left it for each other and the No 9 poked it past Olivia who was hurt in her attempt to smother the shot. 1-1. Thankfully Olivia was soon able to continue.


Another good passage of play between Maria, Darna and Razz ended in a good cross, which was cleared. Leam broke again and we then witnessed a shocking refereeing decision. The No 9 broke through the defence, but Hannah D came across and made a great covering tackle. The No 9 launched herself into orbit again and the referee pointed to the spot. The No 9 played dead for a while until, Lazarus-like; she recovered to take the penalty. 2-1.


The Barmy Army were incensed.  Leam won a corner, which was headed clear by Hannah D. The next corner swung in and hit the far post. The ball was half-cleared to the edge of the box. Razz closed the ball down and was hit on the arm from about 3 feet! You’ve guessed it! Penalty. The No 9 stepped up again and hit the ball low to Olivia’s left. Livia dropped on the ball to make a great save.


Despite these setbacks, the girls kept on working hard and playing some good football. Leam took a 3-1 lead when the No 9 had along range shot. Olivia got behind the ball, but couldn’t hold on to it. A Leam attacker was first to the ball and knocked the ball into the net.


To the girls’ credit, they didn’t give up. They continued to play some great football and created enough chances to get at least a point from the game. Megan B was in on goal, but hit the keeper. Minutes later Megan B hit another chance over the bar. Kim (I thought that she was playing at left back?) burst through on goal, but pulled her shot agonisingly wide of the post. It is worthy of note that the girls were awarded a free kick in the 85th minute for a late tackle. This was the third or fourth late tackle of the second half, but the girls first free kick of the game!


Full Time 3-1


A great effort today against a good team. A good team, whose reputation is being tarnished by two issues that were clear to everyone who watched today’s game. I hope that Leam’s management will take the necessary steps to address them both.


Coach Simon said, ”More than two months since the girls last played I could think of easier opponents to come up against after a lengthy lay off. However we started the game well and deservedly took the lead although if we'd taken our chances better a bigger advantage could have been held at half time. It's uncanny how many times we lead at half time and seem to be on the wrong end of decisions which allow our opposition a way back in to the game. This game had a hint of a Cestria away tie of old. Ultimately we lost the game, to anyone looking at the result who hadn't been there, a 3-1 defeat by the team at the opposite end of the league table doesn't look too bad. However as has happened many times this season the Lionesses got nothing from a game they deserved at least a point from. Fantastic performance from everyone in a dark shirt today. Well done girls."


Roving Reporter’s Player of the Match:  Coach Simon thought Olivia had a great game but that Kim was outstanding especially when called upon to cover in defence.  You’d think that she had been playing at left back all of her career.


Champagne Moment: Olivia’s penalty save. A small victory amongst a sea of injustice! 


Saturday 12 December 2015



Simon was working, so Brian stepped in for our first game for over a month. The U16s didn’t have a game and so the U18s were boosted by the presence of Darna and Georgia. I say boosted… news came in that Sam wasn’t playing and Megan and Charlotte were still in bed. The heavens had opened and we were about to play the league leaders with 10 players. Brian put out the call for Olivia to make an emergency appearance! Washington kicked off.


Within minutes Kim was caught by a late challenge and had to be carried off! So now it was 9 v 11! Thankfully Mascot Molly was on hand to give Kim the kiss of life and so there was some hope of a recovery.  Despite the numerical disadvantage, the girls won a free kick when Razz was sliced down outside the box. Darna hit the kick towards goal. A Boldon defender headed off the line. No one from Washington made a challenge for the ball.


Boldon attacked and Hannah B poked the ball wide of the post for a corner.  The ball was cleared. Georgia did some good defending before being flattened. The referee allowed play to continue and the ball went out for a goal kick. Lauryn kicked the ball straight to a Boldon player who hit the ball back over her head and into the net. 0-1. Kim couldn’t bear to watch and came back on. 11v10


We then had the champagne moment when Hannah B was under pressure at left back. Hannah dragged the ball backwards to get away from the attacker, before hitting a great ball up the line for Razz to chase. The referee blew up for offside. The cavalry arrived in the form of Olivia and we had 11 v 11. Boldon almost doubled their lead when ex-Lioness Alisha broke through the defence, only to be denied by a great point blank save by Lauryn. The resulting corner was well struck. No one put in a challenge and allowed Boldon to head home. 0-2. Washington had been the better team, but once again, two soft goals, put us under the cosh.


Just as the Barmy Army feared the worse, Kim played a lovely ball through to Demi who struck the ball beautifully from just outside the box. 1-2. Alisha should have restored the two goal advantage within minutes, but pulled her shot wide. The same happened a few moments later when Kate failed to clear and Alisha was in again.


The girls then played some fantastic passing football. If it wasn’t for the weather, I could have been in Barcelona. Brian was apoplectic when a great move saw the ball played out to Rebecca on the right. The Boldon No 20 slide under Rebecca’s leap and Rebecca set off towards goal in a 4 v 3 situation. Rebecca failed to get her pass away and Brian had a near explosive moment. The move did result in a corner and Rebecca redeemed herself slightly (and I do mean slightly) with a great corner. Yet again, no one challenged and the keeper made a comfortable catch.  Darna intercepted the kick and her long range shot went wide.


Boldon’s third came when Brogan’s attempted clearance rebounded into the path of the attacker who slotted the ball into the bottom corner of the net. 1-3. Once again the Barmy Army feared the worse. Darna played a great ball into the box where Razz put in a challenge. The ball was loose and Razz poked it into the net. 2-3. The referee’s watch had been affected by the deluge and he seemed to play a lot of injury time. Just enough to allow Boldon’s best player (their No 7) to skip past four defenders and give Boldon a 2-4 lead at half time.


Five minutes into the second half, Megan and Charlotte turned up. “There not playing!” was the view of the coach as he prowled along the side line. This hard-line stance didn’t last long as the game was stopped for an injury. Lauryn hobbled off. Olivia went in goal and the Barmy Army suggested that as they were now awake, Megan and Charlotte might like to consider warming up! Charlotte was on.


Within moments, Brogan got her head onto a Boldon corner and the ball whistled past the post for another corner!  Darna then came off and Megan was on. It was about this time that the referee became increasingly twitchy about the conditions. It was a bit squidgy in the middle apparently! There had been some discussion at half time about only playing 20 minutes. The roving reporter’s view was that you should play for as long as the pitch was playable. Not predict an arbitrary finish time because it was wet. Beside which, the Barmy Army could sniff at least a point from this one!


The Roving Reporter’s notebook was dissolving at this point and I can’t recall who played the ball though the defence, but Rebecca timed her run along the line perfectly and ran on into the box. A left footed shot went just wide.


Rebecca put in a good cross. The keeper fumbled but no one had followed in. Rebecca’s next cross was half cleared. The ball fell to Kim who hit the ball under the diving keeper. 3-4. What a game this was. Boldon hadn’t created a chance in the half and it looked as if goals would only come from Washington.


Demi played Rebecca through again. Rebecca drove towards goal and hesitated between having a shot or pulling the ball across goal. She who hesitates is lost… and the defender managed to knock the ball out for a corner. Brian was boiling again!


The Boldon number 20 slid through the back of Kim again. Should have been a yellow card… but wasn’t. The free kick put the ball in the Boldon box. The ball fell to Charlotte who created space for a shot. The ball was blocked by a defender and cleared. The referee ended the game. After the full allocation of time!


Full Time 3-4


What an effort. By far the best performance by the girls for some time. Certainly this season. The Boldon coach conceded that they had been lucky to get away with the points. Despite my usual bias… I don’t think there is much doubt that the better team lost. Although we take nothing from the game in terms of points; we should take away a huge amount of pride in the performance. Had we had a full team (let alone squad) at the start; we could have turned the league table on its head!


Roving Reporter’s Player of the Match:  Darna was fantastic. Bossed midfield throughout. Played some great balls and seemed to win everything that was hit her way.


Champagne Moment: Hannah B’s marvellous drag back to beat the attacker followed by her drive up the wing.


Saturday 7 November 2015



Back to Lumley just two weeks after a 4-0 defeat. Just Hannah D missing for this one. The weather was awful. Megan B, Demi and Kate started on the bench.


The girls started positively with both Charlotte and Rebecca attempting to cross balls into the box from the right. Lumley cleared and almost opened the scoring when Lauryn half saved, Beth half cleared and Rebecca hoofed it out.


Razz did well to get past the defence, but the final ball was poor. Lumley were in again with their dangerous No. 9. Lauryn saved and cleared the danger. Kim was then dispossessed on the edge of the box and the shot went wide. Sam and Kim combined well, but the ball was cleared again. Brogan tried to head the ball clear, but it glanced off her head. Hannah B made a great tackle and Rebecca had tracked back to clear the danger.


Maria played a nice ball for Kim to chase up the wing. The cross was cleared. Sam played a nice ball through for Charlotte who tried to strike the ball first time and sliced it wide. Razz took a quick throw in for Kim to chase. Kim managed to get past two defenders, but her shot went straight at the keeper.


Minutes later Razz was caught just inside the box but the referee (I may mention him again!!) played advantage and Razz hit her shot at the keeper. Hannah made a great drive out from the back. The ball found Sam in the box where her shot was blocked. Lumley hit a long ball, which squeezed under Beth’s foot and went out for a corner. From the corner, Lumley created a shooting opportunity. The ball went over the bar.


Lumley’s first goal came when a long ball into the box hit Brogan and dropped to the ground. The forward was first to react and hit the ball home. 1-0. Razz was hobbling around and had to come off. Demi went on. Some great work ended when Sam played Charlotte into the box where she hit a great shop across the keeper and into the net. 1-1. A fantastic response. The girls almost took the lead when Charlotte played Rebecca into the box. The ball found its way through to Kim who shot wide for a goal kick. Megan came on and Nicole went off.


The ball was in the box. Lauryn came out. Beth was close by. The referee awarded a penalty! This referee has got previous, when it comes with spotting penalties. As previously, no one appealed for anything, but Lumley took advantage. 2-1. Soon after the ball was in the Lumley box and clearly struck a Lumley hand. Washington appealed. Lumley didn’t. The referee told Coach Simon that he had seen the ball hit a hand, but didn’t know whose hand it was!! The appeals might have given him a clue. It should have been 2-2, but predictably the ball was hit soon into the Washington box, glanced off Kate’s head and into the net. 3-1.


To their credit, the girls kept on going. Megan made a good turn, but her shot was weak. Minutes later, they created a shooting chance. The ball was whistling towards the top corner, until Lauryn stuck out her right hand and pushed it over the bar. A fantastic save. The girls did have a minor victory when the referee awarded a free kick when Demi was obstructed. Rebecca hit a good ball Into the box, but the keeper beat Megan to the ball.


The second half started badly when we seemed a bit short at the back and the No 9 was able to run through and score to make it 4-1. This didn’t lift the mood of the Barmy Army, who were huddled under umbrellas to avoid the deluge. What did lift the mood was a fantastic strike from Megan, who did well to pull the ball out of the air before striking the ball up and over the keeper. Megan’s maiden goal for the Lionesses.


The roving reporter’s biggest problem was that the notebook was dissolving in the torrential rain. The Lionesses’ biggest problem came when the team dissolved in a moment of madness. Washington were attacking and the ball was hit into the box. I followed the ball and missed the spat between Nicole and the Lumley No 9. The skipper later confirmed that Nicole had reacted to another shove in the back, with a swing of the foot. The No 9 had retaliated by shoving Nicole in the chest. I’ve only seen one card of any colour in the seven years that I have been watching the Lionesses. That came from this referee last season. The referee went for his pocket. Red for Nicole. The Barmy Army expected the same for the Lumley No 9. Just a yellow! 


All of my remaining notes are unreadable and so I will just say that the Lionesses worked very hard despite having ten players against the 11 of Lumley. You couldn’t really tell that there was a difference. The girls defended very well and limited Lumley to a few long range chances. The girls managed to keep attacking the Lumley goal without creating any obvious chances. It took a long time before Lumley were able to create a scoring opportunity. The ball came in. The first attacker missed it. The No 9 was stood behind her and struck the ball under Lauryn’s dive.


There sixth was a well taken shot after a strong run into the box and the game ended with a 6-2 win.


The roving reporter feels that this was the best that the Lionesses have played for some time. Strong in defence and creating some good chances. Two great goals as well! 


Full Time 6-2


Coach Simon said, “I though the girls played well today and created some good chances, in my opinion the game was spoiled as a contest by some poor decisions from the referee. Two great strikes from midfield but we need to take the chances we create more regularly to take the pressure off the defense. Also disapointing was the sending off after we had spoken at haf time about dicipline.”


Roving Reporter’s Player of the Match:  If you want a demonstration of how to channel your anger… look no further than Brogan. A colossal performance at the back and a good rant at the Barmy Army.

Champagne Moment: With my soft spot for a maiden goal, I can look no further that Megan’s beautifully taken goal.


Saturday 31 October 2015

Leam Rangers


Leam are unbeaten so far this season and so we knew that this was going to be a tough one to get anything from. Washington’s pitch was waterlogged and so the game was switched to Leam. A squad of fourteen, with Rebecca, Brogan and Sam starting on the bench (and Leam actually have one!).


Leam kicked off and in no time they had a couple of corners. These were cleared, but a third one was awarded despite a push in the back by our good friend, and nemesis, Chloe (the Leam No. 9). The No.9 took the corner and the ball was knocked back to her. Dancing in to the box, she got a shot away. Lauryn did a twirl as she clasped the ball to her body.


We than had a good sliding tackle from Demi, but Leam won the ball and played a great ball though to the No 9. Lauryn made a comfortable save. Kim and Maria combined well to complete a 1-2 and win a throw in. The No 9 was always a threat and she almost scored when she turned Beth in the box and hit the side netting. It was shaping up to be a good physical contest, with both teams playing some decent football. Leam had created more chances, but Washington were in the game. Kim was adjudged to be offside, when the Barmy Army thought that she was in on goal.


We haven’t created too many chances in recent weeks, so we are claiming a long clearance by Nicole as a shot on target! The keeper managed to fumble the ball, which made it all the more exciting.  Lauryn made another good save before launching the ball into the Leam half. The ball was headed back to the Leam keeper. Brogan came on and Hannah B went off. Brogan was soon being pushed in the back by “you know who”. Nothing given and Kate hoofed the ball clear off Maria’s ear! Nicole went off and Rebecca came on.  Hannah D went off and Sam came on.


Demi’s back was giving her jip… so Nicole came back on (I don’t think she’d managed to sit on the bench!) into midfield and Rebecca came across to the right. We then had a Tom Daley incident. There may have been some contact… but very little. 1-0. Leam almost made it two when a shot by the No. 9 was well blocked by Lauryn. The ball stayed in play and was pushed across goal. Someone beat the attacker to the ball and poked it out, off them, for a goal kick.


A good half for the girls.


Washington kicked off. Leam had obviously had a talking to at half time and they closed down, won the ball and ran through the defence to score. 2-0. The worst possible start to the half. It looked like to No. 9 was in for her hat trick, but the referee gave an off side decision for Washington. The girls started to settle and Kim played a good ball out to Rebecca who played it to Maria. Maria’s ball was just too far ahead of Megan.


It was 3-0 when the No. 9 was in the box. The roving reporter thought it may have been offside… but nothing given. The referee did give offside when Rebecca slotted a ball through for Sam to run on to. Hannah D and Beth came back on… Maria and Kim went off. Brogan was shoved in the back again. Nothing given… except a corner. Hannah B was really strong, much to her mother’s delight, to win a goal kick. The ball came back in. Beth was one v one against the No. 9, who turned and scored. 4-0.


You could see Leam playing with increased confidence and the Lionesses losing something of their roar! Megan did get a shot on target, which was deflected wide for a corner. We persisted with the plan of Kim taking corners. The ball was cleared at the near post! What happened to the Nicole to take corners plan?


Leam advanced. Washington had a goal kick, which was hit straight to a Leam player. The shot went over Lauryn, hit the under-side of the cross bar and dropped over the line. The No. 9 made sure, but apparently she gave the goal to her colleague. Four was enough for her!


Although she kept going for more! A goal kick from Lauryn was volleyed straight back towards goal. Lauryn escorted it wide of the post. We seemed to always kick the ball to the No. 9. We then had a contender for champagne moment when Nicole flattened the Leam No 18. Play continued and Leam hit the side netting. Lazarus, aka Demi, made a miraculous return to the game and Maria went off.


The ball just wasn’t dropping for Washington players. Rebecca and Charlotte both failed to control the ball and another Leam shot went wide. Charlotte and Sam combined well and Charlotte was running towards goal.  A weak shot was saved easily by the keeper.


Leam were always likely to score a sixth and Lauryn did well to palm a dangerous cross out for a corner. Sadly, the corner taker slipped and hit the ball straight out for a goal kick. The Barmy Army feared that a free kick would be awarded… but the referee saw nothing wrong.


The last few minutes saw Brogan return to the form of old. First with a fantastic shoulder charge that cleared the attacker out of the way (almost out of the county!). Maria escorted the ball out for a goal kick, only to discover that the referee had awarded a corner.


Brogan then left the No 9 lying on the floor after a robust challenge. Brogan cleared the ball and the No 9 was left on the floor! Marvellous!


Full Time 0-5


Coach Simon said, “We know how good a team Leam are and especially as they are currently top of the league I knew we'd have a tough morning. Under pressure for a lot of the first half I thought the girls were handling it well and restricting Leam to a few half chances as best. That was until the dubious penalty decision. Second half I thought we created more of a threat going forward than in the first but we were left exposed at the back too often and Leam were able to make the scoreline more comprehensive. 


Apart from the scoreline which I thought was a bit harsh on us the most disappointing thing about the game was the attitude of some of the girls who were asking to come off for no other reason than they thought they were having a bad game. This not only disrupts my plans, which up until the penalty I thought were working well, but also reflects negatively on the team as players have to move positions and imbalance the side. I did speak at half and full time about this and I hope this is the last time it will happen. We'll keep on plugging away and hopefully we can bounce back with a good performance on Saturday.”


Roving Reporter’s Player of the Match:  Coach Simon passed the buck on to the roving reporter, who (given the late call) is struggling to remember the detail of the game. I seem to recall that Kim put in a good shift, with some quality moments. So, for the first time this season, we’ll go with Kim.

Champagne Moment: It had to be Brogan dumping the No 9 on the turf! It made the trip worthwhile!



Match Report


Saturday 24 October 2015

Lumley Ladies


Lumley have been knocking in goals for fun this season and so we feared a tough examination. Razz and Brogan were missing but, with Megan and Sam in the ranks, we had a squad of 13. Demi and Sam started on the bench.


Washington kicked off and started positively. Rebecca carried the ball into the box and hobbled away from the challenge.  We had a few issues with Lumley’s referee last year and things got off to a bad start when he failed to award a free kick for a push in the back. Play continued and Beth conceded a corner. The ball was allowed to go straight in to the net. Very poor defending and not the start we needed.


As is the norm, the early goal knocked the girls’ confidence and within minutes Lauryn hesitated and Lumley hit the post. Kate put the ball out for another corner. This one resulted in a bit of a scramble before Beth cleared.  We then had a few good moments with both Charlotte and Kim putting pressure on the Lumley defence. Rebecca seemed to have run off her ankle injury, but then went down with a hamstring problem, and would take no further part in the game. Demi came on.


For the next few minutes, the girls settled down and played some good football. There was a moment’s panic when Hannah D had a Stevie G. moment and slipped.  Lauryn was able to save. More good work created a shooting opportunity for Megan, but she hit it straight at the keeper. Lumley almost doubled their lead but Lauryn made a great save. The ball was pushed up on to the bar. The ball stayed in play and another shot came in. Lauryn managed to parry this one upwards and then gather it in. Great goal keeping.


Lauryn was called into action again when a corner was headed goalwards. Lauryn made a good catch. The girls then played some lovely football. Beth carried it out from the back and played the ball in field to Maria who flicked the ball on the Charlotte who made a good run into the box. The ball was blocked. Kim picked up the ball and made a great run towards the box. The referee gave a free kick for a foul on the edge of the box. Megan lined it up… but hit the ball straight at the keeper.  Megan came off and Sam came on.


Sam made an immediate impact with a lovely ball up to Demi. The ball reached Kim who laid it back to Charlotte. Charlotte chipped the ball towards goal. The ball looked to be dipping under the crossbar. The Lumley keeper was able to recover her position and catch the ball. Another free kick was awarded when Maria was fouled. Nichole struck the ball towards goal where the keeper was able to parry and catch. It was all Washington at this stage and they failed to take two scoring chances just before half time when both Kim and Sam carried the ball in to the box.


The first half was evenly matched. Both teams could have scored a couple. There was no real evidence of a Lumley side about to score lots of goals. The second half started in a similar way. Maria was off and Megan was back on. Demi set Nicole up for a long range shot, which swerved wide.  Lumley hit a shot towards goal. Lauryn scrambled across but was unable to keep hold of the ball and conceded a corner. Lumley had brought on a very tall substitute. Kate went onto the back post and Beth was sent to mark the substitute. I wasn’t convinced that was the right way round! Charlotte cleared.


In previous games against Lumley, their No 9 has dominated games. Our famous victory at Pelton Roseberry two years ago was based on our defence stopping her from playing. Up until 15 minutes in to the second half… we hadn’t noticed that she was playing! Then, some defensive hesitation allowed her to run through and score. 2-0.


This put a dent in the girls’ confidence again. It wouldn’t be fair to point the finger at the defence. The midfield didn’t take responsibility to track back enough and provide some extra cover. Another run into the box was ended by another Lauryn save. Demi made a good drive down the right, but her cross was blocked.  Another free kick was awarded for a foul by Kim. The free kick looked to have put the No 9 in on goal, but the referee blew for offside.


Nicole came off and Maria was back on. The No. 9 looked a different player now. Given space to play, she put another forward into the box. The shot went wide. Moments later the No. 9 broke through the defence and scored again. 3-0.


Lauryn was forced to make a good save to prevent a fourth. The girls did win a corner. The ball reached Demi whose chip was straight into the keeper’s hands. Charlotte created a shooting chance but her shot was weak and easily saved.


A defensive error hit the ball straight to the No 9 and she thumped the ball past Lauryn to make it 4-0. There was time for Demi to make another run and put in a cross. Once again the ball went straight into the keeper’s arms.


The girls worked hard today and the 4-0 scoreline flattered Lumley somewhat. 2-0 would have been a fairer reflection of the game. If we could find our shooting boots… we could have scored 2 or 3 ourselves. We need to keep believing in ourselves and with a bit of luck we should start to win a few games.


Full Time 4-0


Coach Simon said, “After seeing some of Lumley's results this season it appeared they may be a different proposition from the team we beat at home and should have beaten away last season. We started off under pressure and had to withstand that pressure for most of the first half. I thought the referee missed a foul on one of our players and as play continued Lumley forced a corner from which they scored the only goal of the first half. As in most games we were better second half and played some good football creating chances while still under sustained treat from the opposition. A few mistakes and we found ourselves further behind. Still, good chances were created and wasted and ultimately Lumley were comfortable winners, the result drawing no complaints from me.


Some of the football played by the Lionesses was great but the two basic, obvious things that need to happen to win a game of football is for you to score goals and prevent the opposition from doing so. At the minute we are doing neither well. I think this result may have been different if we had taken the chances better and had a bit more confidence to get a decent strike of the ball rather than a tame shot straight at the keeper, the longer you go without scoring in a game the opposition grow in confidence while your team loses it. Something to work on. Well done girls”.


Roving Reporter’s Player of the Match:  Coach Simon said that “Maria had a good game in midfield and stood out with her hard work and determination both going forward and covering defensive work.

Champagne Moment: I think that Lauryn’s double save stood out.


Match Report


Saturday 17 October 2015

Durham County


A new venue for this one and a squad of 13, including Megan from the women’s section and Sam making her competitive debut, arrived at Wellfield School to take on Durham County. This is the big one in the roving reporter’s house as the majority of Durham Johnston School’s girl team play for Durham County. The rest of the Durham Johnston team live in my house!


Durham started with just the 10 players and so the Barmy Army were feeling confident about this one. The girls started well and most of the first fifteen minutes was spent in the Durham half.  Demi made a few good runs and eventually got a shot way, which was deflected for a corner. When we had to defend, the defence were composed and looked comfortable passing the ball out form the back.  Nicole played a long ball, but it was too straight and the keeper was able to pick it up. This seems to be a common fault with our long passes. We need to get the angle right.


The girls almost took the lead when Rebecca turned on the edge of the box and hit a shot over the keeper. The ball hit the crossbar and bounced out for a goal kick. Kim then managed to flatten both Nicole and the Durham No. 5. No mean feat for one so small!


Hannah B made a great run out from the back. The ball fell to Charlotte who turned well and hit a good long range shot. The ball just drifted wide of the post. A few minutes later, Demi picked out Charlotte and this time the shot was sliced wide of the goal. Demi came off and Megan made her debut for the U18s.


Rebecca’s turn and shot had been good. Not to be outdone, Kim tried a similar shot from about 30 yards and bounced the ball off the same spot on the cross bar. At this point Durham’s eleventh player turned up. Apparently her pre-match preparation had involved getting to bed at 4 a.m. Wearing a bright orange bib (she had turned up wearing a green goal keeper’s jersey), she was soon leading the Durham attack. Durham won a corner. Megan headed the ball clear and it fell to the “orange one” who hit the ball from outside the box and into the net. 1-0.


Maria came off and Sam came on for her Lionesses debut! At half time Durham still had the lead. Nicole came off and Demi was back on. The Durham full back was having her ankle strapped and didn’t come back on for a few minutes.


We had been having some confusion with a very load whistle on the neighbouring pitch and the girls were awarded a free kick when one of the Durham girls caught the ball in response to the wrong whistle!


Nothing came of this one, but we did get another one when Rebecca skipped past the hobbling number two but was caught by another member of her school team! Megan took the kick, but it didn’t make it into the box. The next attack resulted in a corner, after Rebecca took a quick throw towards Megan. Durham were showing a lot of determination in defence and this corner was cleared.


The ball fell to Megan who struck the ball really well… but just wide of the goal. Sam put in a good cross and Kim attempted a header from the edge of the box. Not a bad effort, but not enough power to trouble the keeper.


It really was all Washington. It looked as if Sam would score a goal on debut but the Durham defender made a great sliding challenge. This tackle made the ankle issue worse and she was carried off and took no further part in the game. From the resulting corner, Charlotte hit the ball wide. Rebecca then almost beat the keeper at the near post, but the keeper had her angle right and made a comfortable save.  Charlotte came off and Maria was back on again. The ball was in the Durham box and Rebecca poked the ball past the keeper into the net for the equaliser… that the Barmy Army thought would never come.


The rest of the game was all Washington.  Rebecca hit a shot straight at the keeper. Demi did the same. Megan chipped the ball over the bar. Kim flicked the ball over the bar. Kim came off and Nicole was back on. More attacking. Rebecca chased a good ball into the box and hit it straight at the keeper. Kate went off and Charlotte was back on.


The game ended 1-1. Credit to Durham for some really dogged defending. True to form… we hit the cross bar twice and must have had in the region of 10 shots at goal… 5 or 6 on target. Durham had one shot at goal throughout the game.


Full Time 1-1


Coach Simon said, “We were looking forward to the game against Durham County and felt confident we could get that win that has eluded us so far this season despite some good performances. We were greeted by a very small 11v11 pitch which I knew would be an advantage to Durham as their strength has been in defence the last few seasons and is something they do very well. The game panned out as feared with us having a lot of possession but failing to break down their numbers behind the ball whilst defending. A couple of shots off the bar and a few chances when a better decision by the player may have given us the lead in the first half but saw us trail at half time by what was, as far as I can remember, their only shot on target in the game.

Second half and apart from the first 5 or 10 minutes the ball must have been in the opposition half for a good 90% of the time but still we failed to add to the deserved equaliser from Rebecca and came away with a point on another occasion when we should have had three. We played some good football at times and defended very well and I thought Megan (finally) and Sam had good debuts with the latter showing great potential having not played for a team before. I liked the way Hannah and Kate (Kray) worked together especially second half when Hannah often drove out of defence with the ball and Kate immediately dropped in to her position”.


Roving Reporter’s Player of the Match:  Coach Simon said that “Beth had a great game doing just enough covering and important, well timed tackles to take the Player of the Match award this week”.


Champagne Moment: Kim’s long range shot onto the crossbar.


Saturday 12 September 2015


Match Report


What a miserable morning. Cold and persistent rain and the news that Demi had called in sick! With Kim doing the Junior Great North Run we were down to 10 players. Not what the rather sparse crowd wanted for a game we knew we could get something out of.


As with last week’s game, the girls started well. Redcar had an early free kick on the edge of the box, which Lauryn caught comfortably. Apart from that, Washington bossed the game. Washington should have taken the lead when Maria put in a great cross. Rebecca was unmarked at the back post, but tried to chest it down, rather than just stoop and head it into the net. I may have mentioned that on the drive home!


Charlotte played a great ball towards the box and the girls had a free kick on the edge of the box. A defender sliced Razz’s kick into the keeper’s arms. More good work from Charlotte and the ball fell to Maria who had a shot from just outside the box. Just over the bar. The girls took a deserved lead when the ball fell to Charlotte in the box and she stroked it home. 1-0. It could have been two when Razz played Rebecca into the box. Rebecca poked the ball wide. “I’m having a mare!” was the skipper’s half time assessment!


Redcar finished the half strongly and won a free kick on the edge of the box.  Hannah B conceded a corner. Kate B deflected the ball towards goal from close range and Lauryn did fantastically well to drop to the floor and cling on to the ball. Nicole played a great ball out from the back to Razz who made great progress up the left before putting in a great cross. The skipper remains about 4 inches too short! Despite a leap… the ball sailed over Rebecca’s head. A great move.


We finished the half with nine players after Nicole went down clutching her knee. We almost went down to eight after Razz was clipped. Thankfully she was able to continue.


The second half started with Nicole back on the field. The rain had also eased off as bit… although it soon got worse! So did the score. Redcar won a corner and the ball was flicked in to the net. 1-1. Within seconds of the restart a long range shot went across Lauryn and into the net. 1-2. Up until this point the girls had been playing some excellent passing football. This meant that we kept the ball, made Redcar work hard to get it back, and created some good chances. We now started to panic and just hoof it clear. As a result, the ball kept coming back and before we knew it, another long range shot a good strike to be fair) whistled into the net. 1-3.

The girls did settle down a bit and with over 25 minutes left, they were still in the game. A well taken headed goal gave Redcar a 4-1 lead. We still have a grand total of 2 headed goals as we start our eighth season on competitive football.


It is important that we don’t forget that the girls were playing with a player disadvantage, and we had some respite when one of the Redcar girls had to go off. So 10 v 10… at least for a few minutes.  In this time Nicole showed good strength on the edge of the box and hit a shot. Not her sweetest strike… but the ball nestled into the bottom corner. 2-4, with about 10 minutes to go.


The girls continued to work hard and with less than two minutes remaining, Charlotte did some fancy footwork to open up a shooting chance and smashed the ball past the Redcar keeper. 3-4. The miracle was on! Just time for one last attack and when Redcar hoofed it clear, the referee blew his whistle to end the game.


Despite the disappointment of the result, the girls should take heart from another display of good passing football. We still need to create some space to make ourselves available for a pass. Coach Simon was shouting about that during the game. Once we get the full squad back to match fitness (Nicole and Rebecca are still not 100%) we should start to pick up some points.


Coach Simon said, “Another game I thought we'd get some points from although going in to the weekend with the bare 11 it would be a tough morning. Losing Demi to illness on the day was a blow meaning we'd only have 10 against their 11. First half the girls were fantastic, you couldn't tell we were a player short and deserved their lead at half time in the terrible conditions. 

At half time the rain stopped but the wind picked up, unfortunately in Redcar's favour and which contributed to three of their goals. Going 4-1 down it looked like a heavy defeat was on the cards with a few tired legs or there. The girls showed great character and dug deep to pull two back and I think with a few minutes of injury time we could have nicked a draw. 

Again another great performance against the odds but another disappointing result.

Still there's lots of games to go and hopefully we'll get a bit of that luck along the way. 

Well done girls”


Full time 3-4


Roving Reporter’s Player of the Match:  Charlotte for an outstanding combative contribution and two good goals (double her tally for last season already!)

Champagne Moment: Lauryn’s reaction save to prevent an own goal.

Saturday 5 September 2015

Hartlepool United

Match Report


The dawn of another new season and the long trip to Hartlepool Power Station to take on Seaton Carew. Sad to see the close season departures of Jane and Rhianna Hutchinson. Also no Brogan due to her knew work commitments. New girl Megan Haddock has joined the squad via the ladies team so we lined up with a squad of 13.


There was a strong sea breeze blowing against the girls in the first half. Washington kicked off and the girls started to play some nice football. Plenty of passing and a few shooting chances were created. Maria hit one straight at the keeper. The danger was that any clearance flew with the wind into the Washington half. An early attack ended when Lauryn collected the cross. Maria played a great ball through the defence for Rebecca to chase. The cross went straight into the keeper’s arms. Some more good movement set up Charlotte with a shooting chance. Again, an easy save for the keeper.


Seaton countered again. Lauryn dived over the ball and it rolled harmlessly out for a goal kick. From the goal kick Hannah D ran out but lost the ball. Lauryn got her body behind the resulting shot and saved well.  A nice interchange of passes between Rebecca and Beth, released Demi. The ball was half cleared and Rebecca and Razz won it back with some good scrapping. The ball fell to Maria who scuffed her shot.


Hannah D put in a crunching tackle before the ball reached Demi whose shot was blocked for a corner. The corner fell to Hannah D whose shot was straight at the keeper.  Seaton countered again and a long lob was caught by Lauren.  More good football from the girls resulted in Rebecca putting in a good cross. Rebecca jarred her ankle and was replaced by Megan. Kim made a good run and put in a cross. Hannah B’s shot was saved. Demi won a corner and HD toe poked the ball to the keeper. A Razz shot went just wide.


After playing Seaton off the park… the inevitable happened. Seaton broke and ran through the defence to score. 1-0.  Demi came off and Nicole went on. The girls created two more chances before it happened again. Another long ball. 2-0. The girls created a few more opportunities but no one seemed keen to shoot.


The second half started with Razz and Maria on the bench. Almost immediately Demi lost the ball deep in the Seaton half. Seaton attacked and scored. 3-0. You could see the confidence rise among the Seaton girls and plummet among the Washington girls.


Despite this, the girls worked an opportunity and Demi scored. 3-1. There was hope. Minutes later Rebecca did some good work in the box and struck a good shot against the cross bar. The girls did score when Megan got on the end of a cross just outside the six-yard box. All of the players started to walk back for the restart… but the referee hadn’t given the goal! A good foot over the line according to those in the box.  If the goal had been awarded the girls may well have gone on to get something from the game.


Nicole and Rebecca came off and Maria and Razz returned. Beth then had to be replaced after she was hurt by an awful challenge from behind. The referee took no action. Rebecca replaced Bath. The roving reporter had to rove to a cricket match and so missed the end of the game. Seaton scored a fourth when they were allowed to run through the defence and then capitalise on a miskick by Lauryn. 4-1. Overall we outplayed Seaton, played some good passing football, but didn’t take the opportunities that were created. Seaton didn’t create much, but took their opportunities when they came.


Coach Simon said “New season and I'm happy that the majority of the team have continued with the Lionesses, disappointed to lose Rhianna and Jane but welcome the two Megans to the team. A good opening fixture and one I was confident that we'd get points from last season's Seaton Carew team. 


The conditions were not very good with strong winds and we started the game against it. We knew we'd have to play the ball on the ground and did play some fantastic football. We created many chances but need to be more clinical in front of goal. Hartlepool finished 60-80% of their chances and Washington about 10%. Other than that we played the better football in the game and I was as stunned as everyone that we didn't get anything from the game. It's a long season and there were many positives from the game but overall a disappointing result considering the performance. Well done girls." 



Full time 4-1


Roving Reporter’s Player of the Match:  Coach Simon thought Kate had one of her best games in the navy blue and gets his vote for player of the match.


Champagne Moment: It should have been Megan’s maiden goal! 







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