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Club Bank Details

Please see the clubs bank details below - 

Account name - WAFC Ltd

Account number - 24274385

Sort code - 403418

If all new members to the club could please set up their standing orders for the 1st of the month. 

REMEMBER - please use the URN you have been given in the reference field of your payments. This will have been given to you when you have signed to the club. 

Washington AFC - 2018/19 Membership form

Please see below information for all current and new members in regards to the Membership Form for the Club for this coming season. 

Please click below link to access the membership form - the link will work on any PC and also it is Smartphone friendly. 

Washington AFC Membership Form 2018-19


In order to complete the Membership form everybody must input their URN number into the form. If you can not remember your URN then it should be on your bank statements from your monthly payments.


If you can not find it there then please contact Lee Holmes via -


Text - 07428 335377

Email - leeholmes@washingtonafc.com 

Also if you are new to the club then again please contact Lee and he will issue you with a new URN

You must also tick the box to confirm that you have read and understood the Code of Conduct and the new GDPR Policies (links are below to read)

When signing the forms please ensure that all Boys & Girls who play in age groups U11 and above sign the form themselves along with Parent/Guardian. For this in U10 Groups and below then a Parent/Guardian can sign it for them. 

Finally - once you click SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form your screen will then go blank and all of your information will disappear. This is fine and will mean an email will be sent to Lee to inform him that we have a new membership. 

If you are new to the club then you will need to email Lee with a Current Photo of the player along with a photo of ID (passport or birth certificate)

Please take your time whilst filling the form in and ensure you have the correct information on there. If you feel as though you have made an error then please contact Lee who can confirm info on there. 

Code of Conduct

Washington AFC Code of Conduct Form

Washington AFC - GDPR Guidelines

From Friday 25th May all GDPR Guidelines need to be updated, please see below the links to the Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy.

Washington AFC Privacy Policy

Washington AFC Data Protection Policy


Download: https://heja.io/download (iPhone & Android)

Enter the Code for your child's team shown below, it is very simple.  Parents, you need to keep their notification turned on.

Under 6 Boys     OUAE

Under 7 Boys     JPPQ

Under 8 Boys     JXDO

Under 9 Boys     BRPI

Under 10 Boys     JZJT

Under 11 Boys   MCTO

Under 12 Boys   WPSI

Under 13 Boys   GVZK

Under 14 Boys   ZKVX

Under 15 Boys   PLCE

Under 16 Boys   GYZQ

Under 17 Boys   OQDP

Under 9 Girls      RSDW

Under 10 Girls      PEUS

Under 11 Girls   LHSR

Under 12 Girls   HVFJ

Under 14 Girls   LEAA

Under 16 Girls   QDRB

Under 17 Girls   PSAG